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The Knotty Ones Knit Vest Ziedas Oat Milk

SFr. 129.00 CHF

Žiedas means "flower" in Lithuanian and the structured, V-neck Žiedas Vest was designed to bloom with all kinds of outfits. Žieda Vest blossoms through all seasons no matter what you pair her with.

Production Information  

For this knit, the brand partnered up with a family-run knitwear factory in Šiauliai, a small town in Northern Lithuania. There is not deadstock; the vests are produced in small batches. The owner of the factory is Mrs. Zina who founded the company over 30 years ago. Growing up she always dreamt of becoming an orchestra conductor, but running a factory as beautifully as she does might not be that far off. Today Mrs. Zina employs over 20 women from the local community who all refer to her as a mother figure. All her employees earn a living wage and are entitled to 4 weeks of annual paid leave, 24 months of paid maternity leave and paid sick leave.


  • 100% Fair Trade cotton. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. No microplastics and no harmful irritant chemicals are used in the production process. 
Wash & Care

Store folded. Dry clean only.