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About Arniko

Arniko was established in 2007 in Nepal's capital city Kathmandu. Arniko is known for its sustainable manufacturing of streetwear and accessories along with handcrafted skateboards and furniture. 

The manufacturing of all products takes place in Arniko's very own workshop in Kathmandu or in close cooperation with local partners based in Nepal and India.



Our Philosophy

For us, producing sustainably is the natural way of conducting business. Since we first started our company, our aim has been to produce under fair and safe working conditions and do no harm to nature.

Over the years, we have become friends with our business partners and can assure that everyone involved in Arniko’s production process has this same aim. Our pieces are made from available fabric remnants from countless warehouses in Kathmandu that would otherwise go to waste, personally collected on-site by us.

We seek inspiration from roaming around the valley of Kathmandu with a focus on creating timeless pieces. Distinctive designs emerge from recycling and reusing materials in this way, ensuring the uniqueness and timelessness of the Arniko pieces.

Arniko’s holistic approach to producing sustainable and fair fashion allows us to offer our customers a one-of-a-kind collection of unisex streetwear and accessories.

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Our Production Process

To ensure that our products are produced sustainably and in fair and safe working conditions, we are directly involved in every step of the production process. Each season, we personally travel to Kathmandu to collaborate with our local production partners.

During our trips to Kathmandu, we also collect the fabrics used for the Arniko pieces, all of which come from warehouses which store discarded fabric remnants. We believe re-using and recycling materials in the apparel business is a central step towards creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable fashion industry.

Arniko Caps

Our caps are ethically and sustainably produced in a small cap factory in Kathmandu, Nepal. The factory is fully run and operated by women, with the aim of providing stable work and a steady income for women in the area.

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