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Brand: Macho

Macho Beard Company is the Spanish brand of male grooming proposed by the line most complete of Europe care products beard and mustache . In addition, the manufacture of its products is national.

Behind MACHO are John and Nestor, two bearded restless and passionate about design. They discovered, in their own beards, which are harmful to the skin all products away from natural or organic matter. Thanks to these bad experiences, set out to study the origin of male cosmetics, and the benefits that each of the ingredients gives the skin of man. The next step was to create potions for beards and mustaches with 100% natural ingredients and unmatched quality.

Always in search of cosmetic solutions for man, the range of Macho Beard Company is constantly growing. It currently consists of 10 exclusive products for beard and mustache and 2 hair pomades , all manufactured in Spain, and full of "love and rock'n'roll".

Hola Machotes,

Macho Beard Company nació ante la necesidad de compartir nuestras vivencias surgidas durante años en el cuidado y aseo de la barba y el bigote.

El equipo de Macho está formado por John y Néstor. Una mezcla perfecta entre la experiencia de John con la cultura americana, gracias a haber vivido en San Francisco (California), y los contactos profesionales de Néstor, que podían llevar al extremo las ideas de su socio.

Así empieza la andadura de estos dos locos por el vello facial, mezclando el amor por el diseño gráfico y el mundo de la cosmética natural masculina.


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